Education Through Technology

Everyone learns differently. How the lessons are imparted, truly creates the difference. At VJV rather than structuring the learning just around a strict curriculum, our teachers focus on trying to create learning experiences that prepare students to be happy, balanced, productive, and innovative citizens of tomorrow. This will help students to Understand-Apply-Analyse-Evaluate-Create and taste success in their own way

Smart Classroom

The concept of the students are cleared through extensive use of the smart classes (ICT) along with the traditional “chalk and talk” method in the classrooms.

Language Lab

A modern language lab is established which helps every student to speak the error-free language which in turn enhances the communication skills and imbibe confidence at a very early stage of life. The language lab will also aim at improving the speaking and listening skills.

Math lab

The unique Math-lab is the major point of attraction at VJV. Students are encouraged to solve the complex problems of Mathematics in the easiest possible manner. The Math- lab ensures the enhancement of analytical skills and creates the understanding of various theories and concepts of Maths by using the manipulators, interactive tools and computer interface.

Computer Lab

The students are given enough exposure of the IT skills in the State-of-the-Art Computer lab. The Computer lab provides the unique platform and ensures the development of logical thinking from binary to infinity. Students are encouraged to learn and use various tools & software in their day to day life.

Robotics lab

A world-class Robotics Program is designed to make the child curious towards adapting the new technology. In Robotics Lab by programming robots, students will also explore fundamentals of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) Learning.


School ERP empowers with a dynamic web portal with individual dashboards for students, parents and staff enabling them to have all the relevant information 24 x 7 at a single place.