Teaching Strategy

Everyone learns differently. How the lessons are imparted, truly creates the difference. At VJV rather than structuring the learning just around a strict curriculum, our teachers focus on trying to create learning experiences that prepare students to be happy, balanced, productive, and innovative citizens of tomorrow. This will help students to Understand-Apply-Analyse-Evaluate-Create and taste success in their own way.

Teaching Techniques

VJV involves the students in the process of education through various means of innovate technique, experiential learning and outbound study visits instead of just implement the age old “Chalk and talk” method. Smart classes are used extensively to indulge the student in every topic and ensure efficient learning.

Activity Based Learning

VJV encourages students to understand concepts effectively through learn-by-doing methods. A comprehensive activity calendar weaving both Scholastic and Co-Scholastic achieves are meticulously planned ahead of each session to assure that the teacher-parent-student are always in synergy.


Teachers play an important role in execute learning pedagogy. VJV also places great impetus to train teachers to use regularly a very handy & smartly planned worksheets & objective oriented rubrics to assess the gap in learning thereby clearing their concepts thoroughly.


The real success of any school lies in the strength of students which are actually tested when they excel in sff competive world. Hence, all efforts are directed to promote constructive competitions helping the child to develop skills like practicing hard, developing empathy and facing challenges. Students are being prepared & encouraged to participate in all major competitions like Olympiads, Spelling bee’s, KVYP and NTSE


At VJV, we understand the children pass through different stages of emotion during their academic life. Therefore, counselors are engaged to provide timely help to proceed in appropriate direction & face the day to day challenges emphatically. The regular presence of Guru Bhagwant serve as a guiding light to the children.