Value Education

Modern Education system and the syllabus covers wide and varied topic enabling students to gain knowledge about the global Society. But the syllabus fails to teach about how to live & interact with society at large. This is more important in the context of Indian Society which is diverse in culture. So, special emphasis shall be given in VJV to inculcate SANSKAAR in individual student so as to help them to emerge as a be er human being and consequently make this society a be er place to live in.

Jainology Lab

“AHINMSA PARMO DHARMA” is the main slogan in JAIN RELIGION meaning Non Violence is best religion. This Non Violence is not only in behavior but is also to be taught to practice in mind. This will result in inculcating tolerance power at the early age and shall yield peace of mind gradually.
This lab will contain ancient Jain sculptures, images, preaching and teachings of great saints who not only excelled in their life as an individual but also benefited the society at large. To ensure proper application of the teachings and practicing them throughout life for the real enlightenment, this lab is established.

Life Management / Emotional Development / Spiritual Development

The school will help to develop a child for management of Time, Consumption, Wealth, Communication, Environment, Body, Anger & Stress etc.
Emotionally strong children can become strong pillars for the Society & Nation. The spiritual program is designed to ensure that every student must be emphatic, sensitive and caring not only towards Society but also to Animals and Plants.
A Child who can manage life, be emotionally strong can easily acquire spiritual qualities resulting in self-contentment, which will be also possible due to the aura of campus including presence of Guru Bhagwant.

Philosophy / Mythology / Rituals/ Sutra & Stutis

At VJV the teachings of Jain Philosophy and Mythology along with Stus & Sutras shall be part of their daily roune to enable them learn and acquire deep rooted knowledge enshrined in Jain Granths.
The curriculum is designed in a Fun-Learning technique through worksheet, dramatization, puppet shows, treasure hunt, Projects etc. to help a child grasp the same easily.